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18x8.5 R135 CCV MS -Silver Machined

R135 CCV MS -Silver Machined

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R135 CCV MS -Silver Machined - Details

  • 21842
  • R135188579+35R
  • BOLT PATTERN: 5x100 /
  • SKU: R135188579+35R
  • OFFSET: 35
  • HUB: 57.1
  • SIZE: 18x8.5

  • PRICE: $ 292 EA.

  • BUY:


Buy your Rotiform R135 CCV MS -Silver Machined 18x8.5 5x100 35et 57.1 Hub wheels at All Star Motorsports at the lowest prices online. These Rotiform R135 CCV MS -Silver Machined 18x8.5 5x100 35et 57.1 Hub wheels are quality, well built wheels and are made to fit your vehicle. Clean styling and quality design make for a powerful presence when riding in style. Express yourself with the right set of wheels for your ride. Be the envy of others as they watch you roll down the street in your new set of wheels. Performance plus quality and style is the ultimate expression that makes you stand above crowd.

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